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As a highly successful revenue cycle company, Celler Law has fast become an industry pioneer. Our impressive portfolio of Clients includes some of the most prominent hospitals and healthcare systems in the United States, revenue cycle management companies, healthcare debt purchasers as well as the country’s largest emergency physician companies and EMS providers.

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Placing TPL collections as the centerpiece of Celler Law, Celler and his unbeatable team of seasoned hospital professionals are willing to tackle those highly complicated claims that typically drain health care providers of their time and resources. Committed to serving Clients with integrity, efficiency, and real-world solutions, our highly-trained staff have the specialized knowledge of hospital billing practices, third-party insurance laws as well as deep knowledge of legislative intent regarding third party liability claims and identify opportunities unbeknownst to many others in this field. In addition, we have a confident interpretation on the legal nuances of statutory reimbursements including but not limited to Medicare Liens.

Celler recruits his staff based on high-level patient financial services experience including, but not limited to PFS Directors, VPs of Finance, Directors of Reimbursements, C.I.O.’s, Insurance adjusters, trained attorneys and legal staff for their extensive experience in the arena of hospital billing for their thorough understanding of the newest technology, systems and processes that are essential in successfully collecting claims.

With full focus on Third Party Liability-related medical claims that are filed as the result of motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence and workers’ compensation cases, we readily take on challenges that hospitals and firms are able to fully understand which allows us to maximize our Clients revenue potential on any given TPL accounts. Such cases typically represent only 1-3 percent of a hospital’s overall revenue, yet Celler Law recognizes the potential of this untapped source of income. By vigorously uncovering and following up on these types of accounts – accounts once deemed as uncollectable, underpaid or in self-pay status are now yielding 10’s of millions of dollars annually.

Celler Law has been able to yield its hospital and healthcare system Clients 10’s of millions of dollars annually.

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