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Working on behalf of our client-base of hospitals, healthcare systems and health care providers that serve and better our community, Celler Law is on a mission to ensure that we provide our Clients a useful value as well as maximize their FTE’s and resources when it comes to revenue cycle management. It is our charge to deliver to our Clients the maximum allowable medical reimbursements. By putting Third Party Liability collections and lien filings in our capable hands, medical providers are benefiting from improved claim collection. When faced with the task of Third Party Liability collections, why would a healthcare provider turn to overworked in-house personnel who are most likely unfamiliar with the complexities of patient receivables, when the experts at Celler Law cracked the code and implement new processes with speed and accuracy?

Our Company has developed its own protocols and uses a proven methodology that relies upon sound legal knowledge, best business practices, and advanced analytic tools and cutting-edge processes. Add to that mixture our tenacious and hard-working staff, and you have the perfect formula for success.

Let us do what we do best…We identify potential cases that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and then review your history of uncollected claims from as far back as five years.

We analyze multi-levels of data to determine third-party liability and expedite income.

We provide our Clients with detailed progress reports throughout all stages of the recovery process. By outsourcing your Third Party Liability accounts to Celler Law, our Clients can put their focus on quality and maximizing their larger book of health insurance business.

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