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Why should I outsource TPL claims when my staff can do it in-house?

Chances are that your staff is billing whatever insurance they could find even if it results in lower reimbursement. They do not have the time, nor expertise to track down every conceivable TPL reimbursement source to determine who the highest priority of payer should be.

What kind of cases does Celler Law handle?

We handle the TPL accounts pertaining to motor vehicle accidents and workers’ compensation third party lien accounts which result when the patient hires an attorney and has bodily injury proceeds accessible.

But these cases only make up typically 1-3 % of my hospitals total delinquent accounts…why bother to hunt down such a small number of cases?

While it is true that motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensation cases do not typically receive attention, these cases are undervalued as a revenue source. Celler Law has unearthed millions of dollars in unpaid accident and workers’ compensation claims.

How far back into my hospital’s billing system will Celler Law  review accounts?

We are determined to effectively manage your hospital’s revenue and will go back as far as five years into your billing records to find untapped claims.

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